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Year 18 Day 38 16:39
Absalom Sygnus

If two players or npcs are equipped with sniper rifles, and one has a high enough perception to attack while the other would not, could the short sighted player/npc still counterattack?


Year 18 Day 38 17:42
Carth Falte

I believe the answer would be yes because players in the same faction (and I believe another possibility is when they have each other set as friendly on their IFF) share their scanners.

I believe NPCs share their scanners with owners, managers and supervisors and the owner, manager, supervisor in turn shares it with players in the same faction (and the IFF friendlies but on that I am the least confident in saying as fact)

If I am wrong on anything... feel free to correct me anyone.

TL;DR Yes. But possibly wrong.


Year 18 Day 38 17:46
Lexor Gregain

You always get to counter-attack.

Year 18 Day 38 19:33
Sable Sojo

One time I was able to hit something in range of my rifle but out of range of sight because I refreshed the Attack screen... I had another window open with scanners where I couldn't see the target. It was a creature that I attacked and afterwards it moved out of sight but not out of range. This was with an old character and a one-off so not sure if it's still possible.

Year 18 Day 38 19:49
Absalom Sygnus

With game mechanics it makes sense, but that sucks that some NPC with a 1 on perception with an X-45 in his secondary could wreck a good sniper. I call hacks!
Oh well.


Year 18 Day 38 19:57
Carth Falte

That's why you don't attack an NPC or a player with a sniper as a primary or secondary with your sniper, you get in closer or further than their minimum and maximum range. I usually prefer closer to a range of 3. That way shotguns, most medium and all long range guns are useless. Whilst the guns still in range are so weak you can deal with it, besides not all NPCs have a gun that can damage at a range 3 whilst you and your squad do.

Once again TL;DR:
Attack bandit squads at range 3 as it's the best range (in my opinion) to take the least amount of damage, have the least amount of guns firing at you and deal some good damage back.


Year 18 Day 38 22:23
It should probably be changed to consider whether the attacker is in vision for the counterattack.

Year 18 Day 38 23:01
Lexor Gregain

Then no more bandit ever returning fire with sniper rifle.
I almost feel bad for them.

Year 18 Day 39 1:06
It should probably be changed to consider whether the attacker is in vision for the counterattack.  

That might not be a good idea, Mikel. Bandits have the same skills as military NPC's, correct? If so they will have a very low or nonexistent perception skill. There are only two bandit fitouts that have macrobinoculars and neither fitout has a weapon with a range greater than 6.

Meaning a player/squad equipped with any weapon that has a range of 7+ would be able to kill bandits without being counterattacked. It is not perfect but allowing counterattacks regardless of vision range is a more balanced mechanic. Otherwise the bandit's vision range would need to be adjusted to be equal to the maximum range of their furthest shooting weapon.

Year 18 Day 39 1:36
Apply a bit of code to ensure that any/all A280/X-45/Nightstinger wielding peasants are automatically equipped with Macrobinoculars. Alternatively, at least one of the party is equipped with them - say, a scout, hired explicitly for the sniper's use - and elimination of said scout results in damaged combat capability. You know, like real combat.


Year 18 Day 39 2:25
A bandit with a perception of 5 and macrobinoculars would have a range of 10, I believe. The only way to fully use sniper rifles is to have scouts and sensor packs. There is no way for a single person, NPC or otherwise, to reach 11+ weapon range on their own.

Year 18 Day 39 6:26
I do not have perception five, I have macros, and I do not use a scout and I can see past range 10.


Year 18 Day 39 9:03
Aki Starfell

What bonus does the Macros even provide? Had a quick lookie on the rules page and didn't find anything on it.

I mean, how much range does it add?

Edited By: Aki Starfell on Year 18 Day 39 9:04


Year 18 Day 39 9:55
I'm pretty sure they add +5 perception

Year 18 Day 39 10:41
Lexor Gregain

Macros add 5. Perception 0 gives vision 3. Macros + Perception 0 = 8 vision range. Ie. a bandit would never hit with a sniper, macros or not. I agree with Dol. It's not perfect as it is, but taking away out-of-range counterattack would lead to more balance issues.

Year 18 Day 39 12:06
"Apply a bit of code to ensure that any/all A280/X-45/Nightstinger wielding peasants are automatically equipped with Macrobinoculars."
This would be manually making sure the Fitouts that include A280s, X-45s, and Nightstingers have MacroBinocs equipped.. Wait... head, BELT or utility ? They'll still add perception if they're on your Belt?

In any event, I lean towards leaving it with the auto-counterattack regardless of vision. Barring a robust AI that has PCs and NPCs alike Moving towards or away from danger, it seems like too big an advantage.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 18 Day 39 12:09
Year 18 Day 39 14:08
Even the worst sniper can still land a shot occasionally, even if by blind dumb luck. Just assume they are firing in the general direction and hit you due to proximity to the noise.