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Archives » Recycling-material requirement-question, anyone?
Lucian Vax

In the rules for the equations of recycling it states "entity material requirements". Does that mean the total of materials or total type of materials? Not sure how you find the "entity material requirement".

Thanks for your help in understanding this.

Also, what is a good set up for recycling operations for facilities? I know wrecker droids but what ship and Action VI as well?

Edited By: Lucian Vax on Year 18 Day 56 17:32
Ruben Wan

Hello Lucian,

the "entity requirement" is to calculate the time taken to recycle. You can see the raw materials required to make up an entity in the relevant Rules page. For example, in the Rules page of Facilities -> Hotel, you have the list of total RMs needed to build it. That amount is taken into consideration by the formula.

As for your second question, the two only entities able to recycle at the moment are the EVS droid (which, contrary to its name, is a vehicle) and the GRZ wrecker ship.

If you need to recycle a lot, you can use 12 EVS droids inside a BFF-1 bulk freighter.

Have fun. ;-)


Ruben Wan

Lucian Vax

Thanks for the response. However, I am wanting to know is it the total amount of all materials or the totall of the different types?

1600 mel
1600 quantum
1600 varium
1600 Lommite

Would it be 4 or 6400 that goes into the equation for entity requirements?

It's the total m3 of materials used.

Lucian Vax

Thanks Mikel.