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Year 18 Day 64 21:34
I was reading some old posts cuz apparently I have nothing better to do.
I stumbled on a post by Tal Dorn in which he referenced the "quest planet - the Asogian homeworld of Brodo Asogi." You can see his post here:

(His post is at Year 16 Day 212 9:51.)

I looked at the "home planet" of Brodo Asogi here:

...but it is clearly *NOT* listed as a Home World of any Race.


So, my question is whether there is such an Asogian race and/or other races that aren't listed as having Home Worlds and/or aren't listed as Races in the Rules? I'm guessing maybe there *was*...but isn't?

Race rules are here...no Asogi race:

(Note Asogi is not a race there.)


Follow-on question. If there are such races, is there a list somewhere of the Unlisted/Un-Rules Races?

Year 18 Day 64 21:38
Thali`a N`ightshade

Might be a new race ready to be found..somewhere..sometime.


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Year 18 Day 64 21:47
...meaning that there are races that the developers created but haven't added to the Rules?

Or...meaning what?

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Year 18 Day 64 21:54
IIRC, that is Jesfa's personal race and is not open to players. Also known as "Children of the Green Planet."


And yes, there are hidden races that will not be revealed (or playable) until their homeworld is discovered.


Year 18 Day 64 22:24
There are races that are waiting for their homeworld to be revealed to the galaxy, at which point they are automatically added to the rules, and there are also races that are explicitly hidden because they are intended only for use by admins, were discontinued, or might be used as quest NPCs.

Year 18 Day 64 23:45
Thanks, all. Very clear.

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Year 18 Day 70 4:43
Year 18 Day 71 1:01
Agreed. Made me laugh too. No joke, that was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.