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Archives » New Positioning System: Potential Shift in Skill Values?
So, after reading that thread on the planned New Positioning System (at http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=69748), two main questions come to mind:

1) Hesitate to ask, but (sigh...) are we talking 2 years or 5 years or 10 years for version 1.0'ish? (I'm fully expecting the old-days answer of Soon*TM. Oh well.)

2) Any ideas out there of which Character Skills will likely be more important in the New Positioning System? (If there's a thread out there to this effect already--sorry, haven't seen it yet.)

My guess from what I read/understood/possibly misunderstood is as follows:

a) Speed will sky-rocket in value (for me, anyway) due to the time that will be involved in travelling indoors. (This, admittedly, is because I really don't travel on foot outdoors anyway right now, but would be forced to have to travel indoors in the new system.)

b) Non-Projectile will also be significantly more valuable due to the close-quarters combat. (I don't think this necessarily means Projectile lose value in an absolute sense, though perhaps it does in a relative sense.)

c) Perception and Stealth seem to be more important too. The biggest change here seems again to be especially when indoors as I'm guessing (wrongly?) that distance to see someone (or be seen) will be based on these skills(?).

d) Computer Operations: I was totally unclear if this somehow was playing into Hyperspace calculations/mapping/etc. So no idea if its value goes up.

e) Fighter/Freighter Piloting: Already highly useful in my opinion. So, seemingly no big change here.

f) All Combat skills will seemingly take on increased value.

Thoughts or corrections or additions?

(PS--Please don't use this as a place for suggestions, folks. That's another forum. If any of the above came off that way, I certainly didn't intend that.)

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Lexor Gregain

1) At the time, Selatos said he'd finish it in a month. No joke.

Carth Falte

You.. mean, he said he'd finish it in a month at the time of posting that original topic? Or at the time you've posted your post.


Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Who cares what the timeframe he gave for it is? He's rewriting a crucial part of the game engine. It's going to take a long time. Unexpected issues both in code and real life cause projects to get knocked back all the time.

As for the other questions, I don't think the change in the positioning system will really warrant any change in skill distribution on anyone's part. Having travel time in a ship might be a bit of a pain, but I can't imagine it taking anything like days to walk across a ship.

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Lexor Gregain

It was said in the Crepan podcast 002.5, around Y17 D57, although the link to it no longer works. I rember thinking that was extremely ambitious, but didn't really think it would happen that fast. It's best to assume everything is a few years off, and then be happily surprised whenever it comes along.

Carth Falte

Who cares what the timeframe he gave for it is? He's rewriting a crucial part of the game engine. It's going to take a long time. Unexpected issues both in code and real life cause projects to get knocked back all the time.

- "Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss"

I do actually. Because if he stated this quite recently and NOT around the time he posted the topic it means that most of the unexpected issues have already happened. All it rests upon is if he means 1 month in SWC update time or in actual time.

Besides a bit of hype isn't a bad thing from time to time.


The 'one month' estimation was made by a player. Since then, Sel spoke on Crepan's podcast, but I do not remember any timelines he gave.


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Lexor Gregain

Found it on YouTube:

The time estimate question is asked about 10 minutes and 48 seconds into it.


I didn't mean to imply that skills would need to be redistributed in some way if that's how you interpreted what I said. (Not sure you did.) As I said, this isn't the Suggestions forum; and I didn't intend to suggest anything.

Is it true though that a new engine will somehow affect how helpful/important/valuable certain skills are? Again, I'm not arguing for/against anything here. Really asking. Just trying to think about how to (and whether to) spend my free skill points (now).


PS--More interested in where to spend skill points than time frame personally. Probably too late, but can someone actually address my Question #2 above...?

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It goes without saying that as new and different features are added, skills will change in value. Some will become more useful than they were before, and others will not. Speed, for instance, will actually become viable.

I have 0 in speed and have done since the dawn of time because, in the current climate, it is an utterly worthless skill. There's no travel time in ships or facilities, and you can just use a ship to get around instead of going on foot. It's pointless. But with the addition of the new positioning system, it suddenly becomes not only useful but necessary - and the skill itself didn't change one bit.

Agreed. Speed will likely skyrocket in value. Other thoughts on other skills?

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