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Archives » do the guns are meant to be that way?
im looking at the guns page, and i look at their damages and all that...

if we think a standard person has maybe 50-60 hp minimum, and 1 blast of a gun usually just remove like 5 hp...

it feels a bit unrealistic... normally 1 blast of a gun is quite lethal, it can almost kill someone

would this be improve ?

No. This is a game, and as in many games, weapons do not 1-shot kill most people.

There are many powerful guns and weapons that do more than 5 damage per round, you could always pick up one of those.

alright no issue.

* guess i will stick to code my own stuffs x) * ( thanks btw )

Ruuda, you also did not take into effect that most of these guns shoot multiple times per combat round. Take a look at the DL-44's stats:

Type: Energy (P)
Fire Power: 12
Minimum Damage: 7
Maximum Damage: 14

Range & Hit Rate
Minimum Range: 0
Maximum Range: 3
Maximum Hits: 3

So each hit does 7-14 damage, and it shoots 3 shots per combat round. So the gun can do anywhere from 0-41 damage in a combat round. Therefore, your thought that a gun only does 5 damage is rather limited. It may only do 5 to a single combatant, but since you fire off more than 1 shot it does 5 damage to maybe 5 people. Add in a squad of 12 NPCs or 24 K-4 droids, and those numbers can add up quickly.

yes jevon, i already knew.

some guns looks fine !... but other i was just a bit wary,

like maybe a big machine gun who do only 5 hp per hit, .. yes , it can hit multiples time, maybe up to 6-7 , but its still a big machine gun ( the 'bullet' should be bigger then others )...


Ruuda, have you ever played a video game? Weapons never do a realistic amount of damage. There aren't any games out there that are that realistic. It would create balance issues, and in a game, that is a big thing to consider.

I could do more damage with a handgun's round than a "machine gun's" depending on the type of round used for either in real life.

Machine gun would have more importance in the number of shots per round than "bigger bullets".

The usual get-around I see is that 'HP' does not, in fact, represent hit points. In 'reality', a sentient may be able to accept a number of blaster bolts (or melee weapon blows) before dying, or they may go down in a single hit. Those things happen in battle.

So too do they parry, dodge, block, or otherwise avoid blows. 'Hit points', for some, represents the character's ability to do these things - either through skill, luck, or what have you - and a loss of HP entails a loss of advantage, bringing them that much closer to that final strike which ends them.

It's been said here already, but realism is a thing for IC. Ultimately, this is a game and is generally treated as such, and balance is vital in games like this. Making blasters few-shot kills has way too much room for abuse, considering how people can't spend every waking hour on this thing.

yes but a gun still is lethal, 1 shot can almost kill someone...

example: greedo was killed by 1 shot of han solo....

thats why i think 5 hp per shot is pretty small.

maybe like 20 hp average per shot would reflect more reality...

people would want to wear armor and better protect themselves in combat because guns arent 'water guns'

( edit : or maybe its just my own vision ... i guess everyone has their visions, some people are able to endure many 'pistol shots' in their chest and live, and other are differents )

Edited By: Ruuda Tloosn on Year 18 Day 87 8:03
Some weapons do 20 HP per shot. That can't be our baseline, though, unless we raise the starting HP, or this game becomes pretty hostile toward new players by default, and in a game featuring permanent death that's just going to drive people away. It should really be obvious that that is not going to happen.



Combat is based around delayed actions so that everyone involved has a chance to act and react to combat actions made by others. Damage and weapon range is balanced around party-based combat which is why weapons do not have extremely high damage unless there is a drawback to them.

Basically, if all weapons had a high damage output then combat would favor the person that initiated combat and the defender would not have a chance to respond because they would die quickly. Since the Combine features permanent death and a three week wait time for respawning it would be highly unfair for the defender. Just think if you had to wait three weeks every time you died in Counter-Strike, Overwatch or any other first-person shooter where you can die in one or two shots.

Carth Falte

I'm sorry but people do see that this is a lost battle to continue discussing right? Ruuda Tloosn won't agree with how the system is in place no matter how much we explain the reasoning behind the choices. I don't disagree with either party on the matter but the discussion is pointless.


You don't need to worry about that. He's welcome to ask questions, given that that is the function of this forum, but as this isn't the suggestions forum, the thread would simply be closed if that persists.