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Archives » Speeders, droids and NPC transport.
Jax Dorvek

Hi all, quick question..
I need to grab a droid on a shielded planet. Getting there is no worries as I can take npc transport. Now the droid is opposite side of planet to the starport so can i spawn a CP speeder and go get it? Main questions:
1:Will the droid ride with me on a barc speeder?
2: will the droid be able to be transported on npc transport?
3: will my new BARC speeder be able to be shipped with me on the npc transport?

Cheers all :)

Simkin Dragoneel

Max Passengers: 2

1. Yes
2. Yes, keep it in your party.
3. No


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Jax Dorvek

1: Cool, thanks
2: Cool thanks
3: bugger... thanks

Azrah Kahn

1. spawn a ship instead of the speeder
2. pick up the droid
3.move up to the orbit and fly home
4.start a party on board of your ship and be happy to be the owner of a ship


You can ascend through shields, just not descend, so Azrah is correct that it's probably best to just spawn a 2-person ship.

Id you are new, the Gwing


Would be your best option, as it is the cheapest cp ship capable of holding more than 1 passenger.

Jax Dorvek

Cheers all. Not exactly new, but have been out of the game for a few years, and spent all my time in space before that :)

Im just leaving a ship above the shields and will take a speeder up to it once I retreive the Droid (don't own a speedee yet, so any excuse.. lol)