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Year 18 Day 81 15:56
Just a small question from a new player, what exactly does Combine mean and where is it from, and what it that portal/arch thing. Thanks!

Year 18 Day 81 19:11
Siarica Aylina

Regarding the name, I can't be sure. As for the portal arch, it is based off the Great Hypergate of Asation. This ancient device was built by the ancient Gree race, possibly before -100,000. This device is the Star Wars equivalent of the StarGate: instant travel through two distinct aeras of the galaxy.

Later in the Star Wars history, the Kwa acquired hypergate technology, but named it Infinity Gates. You can easily make the difference between a Gree Hypergate, which is a round arch, and a Kwa Infinity Gate, which have a triangle shape.

Here is how Asation's great hypergate was depicted in pages 54-55 of Star Wars Adventure Journal Vol. 1, Issue 8 - November, 1995:

tl;dr: the arch is a Gree Hypergate from the expanded universe.


Year 18 Day 81 19:21
Thanks! I'm familiar with the EU stuff regarding the hypergate, that makes sense now.

Year 18 Day 81 21:11
The admins of old claimed that "combine" referred to the fact that SWC combined different methods of interaction: at the time the old client, a limited website, IRC, ICQ, e-mail, message boards, and other messengers. That may be apocryphal but it's been the story for eighteen years!



Year 18 Day 81 22:50
Which is weird because it's pronounced COM-bine (a group of people or companies acting together for a [commercial] purpose ("a powerful industrial combine")), and not com-BINE.

Year 18 Day 81 22:57
Thanks for the answers, very interesting!