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One thing that was not emphasized enough in the sync report is that creatures and bandits have become significantly more dangerous. There was a bug that prevented them from attacking as often as they should and that has now been corrected. Please plan accordingly.

- Selatos

Is there a fail-safe installed that when, on the rare occasions, the Combine goes offline for maintenance, syncs, etc, for an extended period of time and players cannot access the site, do the game mechanics continue or are the bandits and creatures actions frozen too?

I know there is an automatic retaliation phase of the combat system, but once engaged and the battle gets hairy, then game becomes inaccessible for a player due to the reasons above, do the creatures and bandits just keep whacking away?


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Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Selatos usually turns off the scheduled events during updates. This means anything that automatically fires won't fire. Usually if combine is down, it's one of the servers acting up. If one of the servers are acting up, there's a good chance these scheduled events also won't fire purely because they can't access a resource they need to be able to access (I.e. The database). However, I do believe the events will execute at the earliest point possible, meaning a creature might attack you as soon as maintenance ends.


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We've had much less unintended downtime since moving to AWS than ever before, so on the hopefully rare occasion that would happen any issues could be dealt with on a case by case basis. As Ulrike said, when the combine is down for a sync or maintenance those things will usually be turned off or simply can't access a needed resource and won't fire anyway, but I'm sure there are occasions where the odd event could occur while you personally had no access to the Combine.

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