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Archives » Strange sector boundaries?
Year 18 Day 92 10:32
Jic Uiji

I've been going over the web services and I've found some strange sectors. I assume the coordinates define the out border of a sector and follow a polygon made up of straight lines and perfect diagonal lines. However, I've found some which don't follow this. For example trilon, ws link and darkness link. As you can see, the last coordinate does something rather bizarre. Is this intended? Are the coordinates not what I expect?


Jic Uiji

merry christmas
Year 18 Day 92 14:30
The boundaries were drawn by Jesfa then converted to numbers. For some of them the conversion was rough and there are odd shaped and gaps.

At some point we're gonna smooth them down and eleminiate some of gaps and oddities but since it's not that noticeable it's been a low priority while we work on other projects.


Year 18 Day 93 10:02
Someone else (Coleman, I think) noticed this issue in the WS before, that the sector boundaries have a lot of gaps in them, mostly along straight line paths. The code to determine what's in a sector is really archaic and convoluted so I'm surprised it ever works for the combine, but as Arjuna said eventually we need to get around to closing all those gaps.

Year 18 Day 93 10:42
Jic Uiji

The gaps along straight lines make sense, the issue I highlighted with this system is that the last coordinate jumps to the other side of the boundary for a moment before jumping back to where it was with the first coordinate listed.

Anyway, thanks for the responses.


Jic Uiji

merry christmas
Year 18 Day 94 9:17
Coleman Rendar

Yep that was me who noticed it.

I'm trying to reverse engineer how the interpolation works, but it seems it will "ignore" most straight lines.

Keyword is "most".... since ive seen some straights all recorded normally by the APIs


Year 18 Day 94 12:31
The coordinates are just the vertices of a polygon. A tool that did a flood fill of a specially traced map was used to generate the current galaxy. There are probably bugs like this, I believe Bamula has a similar problem (http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&sectorID=20). An asim needs to go in and delete the offending point from the sector definition, and then refresh the galaxy map cache.

There is no correlation between points, they are just how it was generated by the code that generated the galaxy. They can be as close or as far away as any point on a polygon, they dont need to be adjacent or on lines or similar.


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