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Year 18 Day 97 14:41
I'm a returning player but with a new dilemma:

The rules state "If you are sharing your computer or Internet connection with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by using the "contact support" link. This includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer."

I'm currently living in a hotel where the internet connection is shared by everyone in the hotel (i.e. free wifi), so I registered this character while using the aforementioned connection.

Will this be a problem if someone else registers to the combine from this hotel's internet in the future (making it look like I made a second handle)? Or is there something to distinguish this fact (I'm not sure if the IP address will be different as the connection is the same)?


"Knowing is half the battle"
Year 18 Day 97 14:45
While the IPS might show up as the same, the admins can look at interactions and see if you are or are not running two accounts. Usually in places like colleges and public places like hotels or libraries it is easy enough to sort out the cheaters from the randoms.

Year 18 Day 97 14:49


"Knowing is half the battle"
Year 18 Day 98 18:17
And the likelihood of someone playing combine in the same hotel as you is infinitesimal.


Year 18 Day 120 15:03
I understand your point but Star Wars Conventions have occurred here in the past...but I imagine the likelihood is still minimal. I stay in literally hundreds of hotels, so (eventually) there might be overlap. I just wanted to make sure there was some system/way/method to identify shared networks and IP addresses apart from multiple handles (even though my IP address will probably change a few dozen times each year).

Anyway, don't want to ramble on to extend this topic, so yeah.

*bows* *curtain closes*


"Knowing is half the battle"