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Archives » Infantry Command and Ship Max Passengers
In the Rules description of Infantry Command, "Each level of this skill allows the player to command an additional personal squad of NPCs/droids/creatures." Is this personal squad of NPCs/droids/creatures just a party of yours?

In Ship information, does Max Passengers mean how many Party Slots can be brought into the ship?


Xesh Randell

Every player can command one party and at least one squad for a total of 24 NPCs.
Infantry command skill increases the amount of squads a player can command.

Max passengers value includes yourself, so a ship with max passengers value of 2 can carry you and one other passenger, be it droid or NPC. And while droids can have a lower party slot value meaning that you can have more of certain droids in your party than 12, I believe they still count as one passenger slot, unless they are repackaged (=deactivated and put in a box).

Where can I see my squad information? Thanks.

Your party (you+12 slots of npcs/droids) and your squads (each additional 12 slots npcs/droids) will show up on the Party screen.

If you want to try this out, you can usually hire K4 security droids from the NPC shop in NPC cities. And, you can hire many different types of NPCs from many different types of facilities.

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So Party is Squad, correct?

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Your party is the droids or NPCs grouped up with you. Squads are separate groups you can remotely control.

Everything currently takes up 1 passenger slot in an entity regardless of its party slot size. Droids can be repackaged into crates and count as cargo instead of passengers.

Dahn Vassic

What happens if you try to unpackage more droids than the ship has room for? Does it just deny the attempt?

It should throw an error yeah. Not exactly sure what it'd say but probably the same that's thrown when you try to board a ship that's full.

I do know that buying droids an an NPC shop ignores passenger limits (annoyingly), so be warned.

Jevon, that sounds like a bug, bugs should be reported on the bug base.


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Carth Falte

Bugs are bad, Mmmmkay?


Think I did. If not Ill have to add it, as I know I reported a related bug