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Year 18 Day 107 11:51
So I don't know if it's recent or if it's been this way for a while, but I just checked my ship inventory and all my ships now have the 'Modified' tag. As in, that box with the wrench in it. Is that intentional, and if so, how long's it been the case?

A more thorough look reveals that my escape pods, a Container, and my HWK-290 don't have the tag. They're the only ones that can claim as much, though.

Edited By: Dante Erinith on Year 18 Day 107 12:03
Year 18 Day 107 12:00
Bug, report it.


Year 18 Day 107 12:56
It's since this sync. I noticed that yesterday as well. I always wanted a modded SSD!



Year 18 Day 107 13:13
Kind of tempted to upload this one custom on my YT-2000 that I couldn't actually get because the ship isn't technically modified. Bet that shit won't fly, though.

Regardless, figured I'd just check if it was intentional or not.

Year 18 Day 107 14:55
I would need proof that it is indeed modded and that the image supports the mods. Good luck.

Year 18 Day 107 17:18
Yeah, I had to have a talk with Jevon when I wanted to upload modded GR-75 custom =P


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Year 18 Day 107 19:30
I have the same issue. All but escape pod show as modified. Some of these were built by TF and have never even been boarded.

I assume it is a bug?? Has a bug report been submitted?

Year 18 Day 107 19:37
The code is considering one stat incorrectly, and will be fixed for next sync. No, your ships probably aren't modded unfortunately.


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