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Archives » Centrepoint Marketplace, no password email received
Hello. After asking Guybrush Threepwood for registering at CPM, no password email received in Inbox or Junk. I have tried @hotmail.com and @gmail.com, both results are same. I think CPM's send-email is broken. Should this counted as OOC or IC problem? Thanks.

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Centrepoint is a player-owned and operated website completely detached from Combine. You would need to direct any questions to them (mainly Guybrush Threepwood since Togan Jano is long inactive).

I don't even think an e-mail should ever be generated since their automated registration system has been offline for the past decade (not even sure if it was ever working).


Shelby Lee Spear

I had the same problem today. I know it was working fine a week or two ago as a friend successfully registered on CPM. I'mma give it a couple more tries of the 'Lost Password' function and wait another day before I poke Mista Threepwood about it.


If you're still waiting, maybe try DM'ing Kerri Manchester too. She was doing what Guybrush is doing before...though I don't see her on the roster at the website.

For what it's worth, Guybrush is very helpful and friendly so I wouldn't worry about DM'ing him as well.

...But don't bombard them with DMs/requests. :)

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I don't bombard for this. I just try that "Lost Password and another day" approach for a few more days. I don't really care about CPM much. When I want something, I can use Commerce, a sure part of gameplay elements. By the way, I've never had to deal with what the hell whitelist is for receiving email. Would Email Service Provider block some web hosting sites like the one CPM uses? Library intranet would firewall sites categorized as Game.

Thanks for all replies.

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I'll give you a little friendly advice,get into CPM and try doing most of your trades on it.
I was like this in the beginning but after interacting and also being advised by some experienced players, I realized that CPM is so much important.

I ( and maybe most of the players) search CPM before doing trades to know who im I dealing with.


I know that CPM is a sure place important for people to list things as I saw it's happening in Commerce. I'mma give it a couple more tries of the 'Lost Password' function and wait another day before I poke Mista Threepwood about it.

There's also the Trade Federation Market, lots of good stuff there:


They're both excellent, the the Trade Fed market is way easier to sign up for.

Thank Phillip. I'll in-character do it hard to let me know that.

Carth Falte

Currently on CPM:
Problems with new CPM-accounts: Hello! At the moment there are several problems with our email-function and the "lost password"-feature! We are looking at it, but we can`t register new accounts until then! Please, be patient! Regards, G. Threepwood.


The automatic sending of passwords hasn't worked for years, certainly since I joined up in year 14. Contact one of the admins is the way to go on that one


Embrace your inner beaver!


Fang also awaits this issue to be fixed so that he may use this centerpoint service.

Kerri Manchester has tried to email Fang the password many times on a few different accounts and nothing is getting to Fang.

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Year 18 Day 118 4:56
Deleted Post
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Just a small update - at the moment it seems so, that we could update profiles again and could start generating new accounts. Ah - (and) by the way, the lost password-feature should works again.
So, don`t break it ;-)