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Archives » New Feature: Spawned Asteroid Fields
In regards to:

"As part of this update we're releasing a new feature added by Clarr Solo since his return: deep space locations without planets now have a chance to spawn asteroid fields. All ships left on the same sublight square as an asteroid will take damage over time based on the size of the ship. If a ship is destroyed in an asteroid field, escape pods will be filled with people and ejected automatically. Other things aboard the ship will be lost. Note that this applies only to deep space locations and not to the entity currently called 'asteroid field' that can be found in existing systems. Deep space asteroid fields will also only spawn when a player enters a deep space location and will not spontaneously spawn on top of assets currently located in deep space."


I understand the logic of what you just said. But a few questions for clarification:

1) Will the spawns work similarly to NPCs in that *every* time you enter the terrain--or in this case deep space--location there is a chance for spawing?

2) Multi-part question: Will the spawns occur in the entire deep space "system"? (System is wrong word, "Galactic Location" might be better.) Or...will they only occur at the exact location you enter in a given "system"/"galactic location"? For example, if I hyper to (100, 100)--assuming that's Deep space...didn't look--and land at (0,0) within (100, 100)...can only (100,100)..(0,0) spawn...or any square within (100, 100)? Further, if I sublight to (1,1)...is another "chance" at spawning occurring? And again...for all (100,100) or just (1,1) within (100, 100)?

3) Now, let's say I leave my ship behind and *someone else* hypers to (100, 100). I want to be 100% sure...but this means my ship in (100, 100) would continue to be safe, right? Even if the other party enters exactly into the same square within (100, 100) I was in? (I assume that's what "will not spontaneously spawn on top of assets currently located in deep space" means/includes above.)

Thanks in advance as always,

No, it only rolls the first time someone exits hyperspace onto a deep space square, it does not work like bandits. Subsequent visitors will not cause it to roll again. (Squares get a reroll every year, but when the year starts/ends is hidden and is different for each square).

If the roll succeeds, it spawns asteroids in a random pattern across the entire grid.

Asteroids won't spawn in any systems with planets/moons/suns/black holes already in them.

Asteroids won't spawn in a system if there are already units present if they would damage them. (All Stations/Large Ships).

If you are concerned, which you really shouldn't be, leave your assets along the edge of the system as this is a damage immune zone.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Thanks for that. Wasn't really concerned but wanted to know how it works before the first time I might be concerned.

Cool feature.

I encountered my first asteroid system yesterday. It had a red danger sign too. Looked nice, it had only a few empty spaces. Ideal for a hidden lab station haha. So they only last a year I understand?

They are permanent.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Dahn Vassic

And just to clarify, asteroids can't spawn on a square that already has something on it?

So I could build a station in deep space and i'm not going to wake up one morning to it sitting on an asteroid field and taking damage?

That is correct.


Dahn Vassic

Nifty, thanks Amelia.

Saw my first Asteroid Field yesterday. Freaked me out, but it was rather cool at the same time. Would have liked to stayed and look around, but didn't know how fast damage would occur, so I high-tailed it outta there. Love the warning sign on the Cockpit page, too. Bravo!


I ended up in a new asteroid field but entered at (0,10) and INTO asteroids...
Is that normal?
I understood the edges would be safe (ish) empty hyper entrance?

Raidan Spike

Asteroids can appear anywhere on the edges a system map, even hyperspace entrance points. They just won't do any damage to entities in those regions.


Tip of the day"

Click on the "Red danger sign" It will show you the way