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Year 18 Day 108 10:00
I'm asking this question to better understand the development of the game.

As far as coding goes, I can write scripts and that's the extent of my knowledge.

Is the reason Derra and Serroco are the only PVP worlds because of a IC issue? Or is it because you can't extend combat to all the worlds in swc without some serious effort? I'm trying to figure out of it's more complicated to release combat to all the planets, or if it's simply an Admin decision to keep them as the beta combat worlds until we're ready for more combat.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

Year 18 Day 108 10:24
Ground combat was released on Derra as an open beta, while Serroco followed a few years later as a northern clone (since Derra is in the south). With a new positioning system on the way, the current combat system will need to be edited or redone in order to accommodate that new positioning system.


Year 18 Day 108 10:42
Yep. More or less the answer is Neither - Combat isn't READY to be released everywhere. There's also no point in releasing it everywhere without Consequences (player death, asset destruction, etc.).

Year 18 Day 108 12:36
Nor should ground combat be released everywhere until there's a way to shoot down the ships transporting the ground pounders to the surface BEFORE they can cause damage.

Year 18 Day 108 14:39
Thanks for the answers!

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