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Year 18 Day 110 15:26
Ban Rishchakh

Okay, this is the last time ( no i'm not a troll ). This is very important for me. Swc has all been about players contributing to make the game better and this is the contribution i want to make to the game. This is my "question" ... Since starports aren't faction controlled or placed but NPC controlled, why isn't it fair to ensure new players can have a minimal good experience in the start of their journey? It's not much ... Because i was at the starters city, i tried to buy equipment and rent a vehicle, but i couldn't ... And i've developed a whole system in this game, from raw materials to producing capital ships ... i know how to play. And i tell you, new players deserve more ... It's discouraging at the moment and i've witnessed enough swc philosophy of knowbetter ... This is a really small effort and so little to implement. Why are you against it? Think of a newbie player ... The game hasn't budged past the 2500 players for how long?

Okay, i hope i'd win someone there ... And no, i'm not trolling or doing this for fun ... And the name was a chance but it does sound a little like ban risker :D


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Year 18 Day 110 15:49
Venari Haliat

Obvious troll is obvious. You have been told numerous times and this has been discussed hundreds of times before you posted this the first time.

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Year 18 Day 110 15:59
Dahn Vassic

Why would you keep opening threads? Did having them locked and getting banned from a sub-forum somehow not register as a fairly clear "Stop that" warning?

I get it, you want a ship and gear.

No, you're not going to get it just for spawning.

Join a faction.

Year 18 Day 110 16:03
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Want free crap? Join a freaking faction or apply to one of those new player give away things. Many factions give new players equipment to use. Also, some of this stuff you can afford right away when spawning. You can definitely buy a gun and armour at the player shop that's inevitably on race worlds. If a shop isn't on a race world, just report it to an asim and they can add a shop.

This is a really small effort and so little to implement. 

You have no idea what the codebase is like. For all you know, this could require large amounts of changes to the spawning code to accommodate.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 18 Day 110 16:05

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Year 18 Day 110 16:33
SWC is deliberately not focusing on advertising or trying to draw in large amounts of new players until we have a more complete framework of features available. That does include some features that will benefit newbies and are not tiny patches like you suggest that don't actually fix anything but your need for instant gratification. If you cannot buy equipment in your starting city it is because you started in a city that your faction chose to set up that way. As I said, they do have the option to make these things available to their members but they will not be forced to do so. Therefore, presumably they strive to accommodate their members in some other fashion, such as providing them with ships at their HQ location or expedient transport. Otherwise those factions are not a good option for new characters.



Year 18 Day 110 16:42
Carth Falte

Right soo...


That link. That forum page.

We send it to EVERY new player. There are In game solutions to this already. People have made services, like my faction. Every new player gets a message with info from us including info about a ship to start off with and equipment.