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Archives » problem with my incubator
Year 18 Day 118 13:21
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I didn't find any other posts with this exact error. I have an egg in my utility slot in the ranch I own and when I click interact I get the message:

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$context' (T_VARIABLE) in /swcombine/htdocs/code/libs/server3/script/LibClass.inc on line 1022
Error on the page, could not run shutdown functions"

Any idea what is causing this? Anyone else encountered this?


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Year 18 Day 118 15:01
Jic Uiji

I got a similar error when talking to NPCs. I suspect an error with the scripting system.


Jic Uiji

jic uili, intergalactic hutt crime lord
Year 18 Day 118 17:15
There's a bug with the scripting system currently that probably won't be resolved until the next sync.

Year 18 Day 127 16:14
Xesh Randell

Can we please get an ETA on scripted item and npc interaction being restored?

AFIAK it was fixed before the 1 april sync on dev, but for some reason did not make it to live...

Year 18 Day 127 16:23
As far as I am aware it is fixed as of the april 1st sync.


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