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Archives » desktop-style notifications
Year 18 Day 125 15:35
Relain Dala

Hi, Would you like to turn on desktop-style notifications for events? Click here to allow or deny.  

^^^ Those are annoying, but when I disable them my SWC event icons no longer flash. How to fix?

Year 18 Day 125 17:57
Currently a known bug, it will hopefully be fixed soon with a bugfix sync this weekend.


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Year 18 Day 126 1:34
In order to see the notifications, I have to use Firefox but not IE. I probably carelessly picked the block option. Now how can I enable the notifications? Thanks.

EDIT: Found. It's a function of the browser not the game.

Edited By: Ranwynhourne Charlette on Year 18 Day 126 1:48
Year 18 Day 126 8:46
Is there any way to turn off the blue notification bar without having the desktop notifications activated?

If I active them, the blue bar goes away but I dont like them, but then the blue bar appears in every single window. Sometime I see it like four times on screen because of all the frames within frames.


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Year 18 Day 126 10:04
Siarica Aylina

Also, please be aware that the blue bar appears on every device you use - I installed it on my laptop, but my tablet and phone still display the bar.


Year 18 Day 126 10:05
Yes, this is a known bug that has been fixed and is waiting a sync.

Year 18 Day 132 10:25
Hermes Tannhaeuser

Does anyone know of a way to get a mobile phone browser to cause SWC events to create notifications on an iPhone? SWC tells me that "This browser does not support system notifications" whether I use the Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. My pardons if this has already been addressed in forums, but I haven't seen the question or an answer anywhere.

Year 18 Day 132 11:26
iOS and Android notifications are vastly different from desktop browser notifications and we don't currently support those, sadly. Maybe in the future we can look into supporting a push service like Pushbullet.