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Archives » Ship no longer in freighter?
Year 18 Day 128 11:49
I apparently do not have access to my ship. It has been removed from the hangar bay, and I do not know how to reach it. Is there any way to retrieve my ship?

Year 18 Day 128 12:23
Check your inventory (sidebar, bottom right) for the ship you are looking for. That may give you more information about where it went if it is not where you expect it to be. Any ship Owned by you, (or if you click the corresponding header) Commanded or Piloted by you will be listed there, along with its location (if you are authorized and able to view its location).

You may also not know where You are:
You can also contact the Owner of the ship you are own by hitting the "Contact Owner" button and they may be able to shed light on what happened during your absence.

Year 18 Day 128 14:33
The ship is in the same position as me, though it appears to be unloaded from the freighter. Is there anyway to get my ship back on the freighter, or board my ship?


Everybody leaves home eventually. Even if it is just to return another day.
Year 18 Day 128 16:04
If you're looking in the hangar bay, that's your first problem. Ships go to the docking bay, not the hangar bay.


Year 18 Day 128 16:15
Simkin Dragoneel

The poster keeps saying freighter. There are only around 2 freighters that even have a docking bay and can hold another ship and those can only manage a small fighter. If you don't have a docking bay in the ship you are currently on, you can't transport ships.

To get on the other ship you go to the enter/exit room of the ship you are currently on and board the one you want to be on.


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