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Archives » Bandit and Creature Drops FOLLOWUP
Year 18 Day 131 10:07
Jay Ortega

I know this has been asked a million times, but what are the rates for bandit and creature drops?

EDIT: So is it 5% per bandit/creature, or 5% per squad?

Edited By: Jay Ortega on Year 18 Day 132 0:21

Year 18 Day 131 12:41
Jay, I am going to assume you meant drop rate? I am not sure what you meant by eyes. Drop rate is a flat 5% to drop anything.

Year 18 Day 131 13:44
Lexor Gregain

The chance of egg drops decrease with creature size, right? Does it go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1% from tiny to huge?

Year 18 Day 131 14:55
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

There's still a 5% chance they'll drop something as far as I'm aware, Lexor. The egg rate is related to the item dropped being the egg. So there's a 5% a creature will drop an item, then there's a 1-5% chance that item will be an egg instead of a trophy.


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Year 18 Day 131 15:51
Lexor Gregain

Ah, ok. So the chance of eg. a Rancor to drop an egg is not 1%, it's 1% of 5%?

Year 18 Day 131 15:59
Jay Ortega

Yeah, drop rate. Sorry. Thanks guys!


Year 18 Day 131 20:01
The drop chance for eggs goes from 12% to 4%, I believe, but yes, you have to get past the 5% "item drop" chance first, and then there's a 4-12% chance (based on size) that said drop will be an egg instead of a trophy.

Year 18 Day 132 11:23
Re: your edit question, the 5% drop chance is calculated on every individual enemy entity when it dies.

Year 18 Day 132 13:50
Jay Ortega

Thanks! This can be closed now.