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Year 18 Day 137 2:42
I think this question is about the game mechanics, not in-character knowledge.

If a passenger is in a ship, the passenger is an NPC or a player that has been inactive, is there any way to make the passenger leave the ship? asking an arrest-able faction to arrest the passenger then bring it out of the ship?


Year 18 Day 137 3:22
You can kick passengers from ships, I think....


Year 18 Day 137 4:20
Do you mean ship owners can kick anyone in their ships by pushing that "Kick Passenger" button? Have you done it? Where will passenger get kicked go when the ship is on the ground or in the space?

There is "Kicking squad Members" about NPC Parties in Rules, "Any members of the squad kicked will remain at their current location".

I prefer a more confirmative answer.

Year 18 Day 137 5:18
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

The Kick Passenger button should only work if you're on a planet. It'll place the character on the square below your ship if they're able to disembark to that spot. If not, it should throw an error. How the kick passenger function works is documented in the rules on this page.


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Year 18 Day 137 6:04
I read of but forgot it. Thank both for the sentences.