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Archives » N-1 Starfighter Proton-Torpedo Launchers
Voll Alucard

N-1 Starfighter rules page says it has 2 Proton-Torpedo Launchers, however the N-1s I own only show 1.

So is the rules page wrong or are my ships flawed?

The rules were updated as ships were balanced initially for space combat, but unfortunately current ships haven't been updated yet (new ships should get the updated stats).

So this is a known bug that's awaiting tools for the asims to be able to update existing ships.

So the existing N-1s will be automatically updated when the proper tools become available to the admins, while any newly-produced N-1s will already have 2 proton torpedo launchers installed?

The last time the N-1 was modified to have a lower maneuverability, my N-1s were excluded (and that was readily fixed by an admin as soon as I mentioned it to him).

Can you please keep this thread open to notify players when the upgrade happens in case some fighters are excluded from the upgrade?


"Knowing is half the battle"
The old N-1 fighters still have all the old statistics, 1 proton launcher.
The new produced N-1 fighters have all the new statistics and fire with 2 tubes.

See the test results: New Space Combat Alpha - Discussion


Yes, you'll note that no one said they'd been updated yet.

Why are there two launchers ? Thought in canon they only had one? SWC is moving towards being correct in canon so why is this ship different or special?


SWC makes decisions for game balance, not a blind adherence to canon.

Actually ship weapons were supposed to have been adjusted to align with canon and rather than inventing new stats, so this sounds like a mistake by Baugrems if it is indeed a discrepancy.



I'm not sure how we're supposed to balance anything if everything is just aligned to canon?

Anyway, the Star Wars Databank says it has "twin fire-linked torpedo launchers".

Jande Crowly

It is one tube launcher that fires proton torpedoes 2 times faster than regular ones. Or something like that.

I'm not sure how we're supposed to balance anything if everything is just aligned to canon? 

Through the equations and skill weights, to some degree (which I really don't think are even close to their final form given some of the differences between prior combat discussions and current implementation), but we also have leeway with shields and maneuverability since those are ambiguous factors whereas the specific weapon configurations usually aren't (and I suppose our travel speed values have for many, many ships never resembled canon so I don't really expect that to change).

In theory there's also the option to use something that works like firepower currently does for weapons, since that's just SWC-specific and doesn't actually require ships to have their known configurations completely ignored. But ultimately some ships are obviously going to be better or worse than other ships, or better or worse for specific purposes and circumstances, which is okay. Some of that is simply balanced by the production cost of the ship.

Part of the issue, too, is that making changes that actually move ships farther from their canon specifications right now doesn't make any sense until combat itself is closer to its final implementation.



The old N-1 fighters still have all the old statistics, 1 proton launcher.

- Amirantha Dahrii

I just wanted to clarify that the old N-1 fighters (or at least the owns I own) don't have all the old stats... like the new ones, their maneuver has been reduced from 6 to 5, but still only have 1 proton launcher.


"Knowing is half the battle"
I did not even notice that. You are right Mikhail. Thanks for the info!

This is awaiting an admin tool being written, you can follow bug #4403 to track that.


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Esu Kyouto

Unfortunate that the proton launcher is has become the all purpose over powered anti-fighter weapon of choice rather than a larger ship killer and the balance solution is to simply add more launchers to more fighters.