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Archives » When will a bidding finish?
Year 18 Day 144 9:04
I see Finish status of a selling in Marketplace is "Finish: Finishing". How long does the status last? And at which time point does the bidding winner know the result, when "Finish: Finishing" starts, or when it is over?


Year 18 Day 144 10:40
I believe auctions on the NPC Market is currently affected by a bug. The same bug is what is causing shield regen to not work at the moment. I added some tools to debug the problem next sync.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Year 18 Day 144 11:27
So Trading Station of trading faction is NPC Market.

I actually purchased an item directly in a Trading Station of a trading faction when the auction had been finished and the item was being purchasable. However, the item is carried by another one being in a ship.

As the scope the bug affects, can I buy something with bidding at the moment?

Is that "Finish: Finishing" a bug or a normal completion step?

Year 18 Day 144 15:31
I am actually unsure of the bug, all I know is that market sales aren't proceeding as normal, and that there isn't enough information provided to debug it. I believe market bids are not working, and assets auctions will be finalised once the code is fixed (next sync).

Assets purchased on the market could be anywhere, and carried by other people. I'd recommend not buying items (equipment) from the NPC market. Ships and Vehicles purchased might be docked, or under shields, so there is no guarantee you'll be able to access any purchases.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Year 18 Day 144 23:33
Thanks for telling details that should be noticed when buying from NPC Market.

From the context, the bug seems a bit tough one. Could you give a rough time that the next sync outs? How long has the bug last? Will current bids take effect after the bug is fixed?