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Year 7 Day 159 15:47

i don't understand why you have to have a paid email account to play the game or maybe im not understanding right please help me.

Year 7 Day 159 18:29
It is to prevent people from cheating (creating more than one account) Since the game is free, the best way to do this is not allow free email.



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Year 7 Day 181 13:32

i need a list of non free emails plz ty

Year 7 Day 181 15:43
New guest, please do not spam our boards with the same question and please start your own post.



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Year 7 Day 181 15:48

i cant

it says "this board is for regestered users only"

Year 7 Day 182 0:57
That error has been fixed now.
In addition, there is a rather short list of non-free emails: your ISP email, your work email, your school email, the admin@ or webmaster@ email address of your personally owned domain. If you don't have any of those, you may ask a friend/relative to borrow theirs to sign up (as long as they don't use it to play this game).


Year 7 Day 182 3:48

ok thank you. and why can t i look at the race sugestions?

Year 7 Day 182 4:57
Zen Savo

We fear you might spam those too...

Year 7 Day 182 6:04
Because - no offence intended - we don't want people who have no clue about how this game works to propose new things. Most of the time that happened, those people were flamed by other members who have been playing longer and had a better understanding of the game.
That's one of the reasons you have to be logged in to use the largest part of the forums.


Year 7 Day 182 15:17

Why cant you be a bomarr monk when i join thats wat i wanted to be.

Year 7 Day 182 15:48
Because B'omarr monks are not a race, they are something that happens to people. It may be possible to become one later (that is, change your existing character into one), but not now.


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Year 7 Day 183 6:40

How do you do that? ive heard that to kill your self you flyinto a sun. But if they are npcs then how can you do that? Would that mean that if you kill your self you can turn into a tusken? or an imzig or even an ewok?

Year 7 Day 183 7:34

No, he means that in the future we may offer the ability for you to go to an NPC or something and have you're brain put in a jar to become a monk.

So i'd be a Wookiee until that option was avaialable, then use it to become one. Long way away if it happens so just stick with "You can't be one".


Year 7 Day 183 12:57

ok. Bib from jabbas palace had his brain put in a jar or some thing so that would be cool :)

Year 7 Day 183 15:03

from www.starwars.com

Though Fortuna appeared to be the victor, he was soon descended upon by the mysterious B'omarr monks who lived in the palace. The monks, wishing to spread the serenity of bodiless enlightenment, subjected Fortuna to their ritual surgery. They removed Fortuna's brain, placing it in a droid-like spider walker.

Fortuna endured the madness of an existence deprived of senses for years. Jabba's palace was claimed by an enterprising Twi'lek named Firith Olan, who delighted in tormenting the bodiless Fortuna. Despite being just a brain in an ambulatory jar, Fortuna was able to defeat Olan. He employed the B'omarr techniques to transfer his brain into Olan's body, and Fortuna was able to live again. Armed with Olan's identity, Fortuna began making a strident return to the criminal underworld.

Year 7 Day 183 16:34
This is not the place for rules suggestions. As Hal said, it may be available sometime in the future, but it is not currently implemented.



Year 7 Day 185 12:23

ok bye!