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Archives » cant log support ticket.. please help!
hello there,

sorry, I am a blind user and cant get past the anti robot check on the tickets!

I cannot make over entities to another player, keep getting this:

414 Request-URI Too Large


anyone have any ideas? never had problems before!



Our inventory uses the URL field to track things like the filters you have active on the inventory. If you're filtering too precisely, this field can get too long for the server to accept. You can fix this by using a less-well-defined inventory filter when you go to make over these entities.

What browser are you using?

I know you can encounter this type of error when your request cookies are too large, as a first step, can you try clearing your cookies for the domain (this might cause you to have to login again).

I acted on the first post, only just seen the second one!

but it does look like I over filtered... I had 31 filter boxes ticked which I would guess will make the URL massive.... That makes sense now it has been explained!!!!

Thank you so much for your help, all is sorted - but for info, I use IE... I know... not the best browser out there... but it is one of very few compatible with the visual aid software I use!!

Thanks again!


Logan, please let us know if there are particular aspects of the game website that need to be improved to help make the game more accessible.

hehe, that offer was very kindly made before, and from that, or at least partly due to that anyway, the range details got added to help with combat.

as it is mainly text bassed, the game is pretty much as accessible as it can get I think, apart from perhaps tweaking tab orders, which would probably be a massive project I cannot think of anything off the top of my head that needs tweaking!

But I will bear in mind your offer if I do come across anything particularly troublesome!