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Archives » Old PCs: Name change only
Year 18 Day 160 21:09
I recently submitted a ticket and I think I worded it incorrectly. I stated that I wanted to rejuvenate an old PC. I would rather simply like to rename or request a name change for my current character. No change to the character sheet that I have. Is something like this doable? Thank you for the response.


Thank you greatly for your precious time.
Year 18 Day 161 0:20
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
3/ Handle Changes

If your handle meets one of the following criteria, your handle will meet the conditions that is required for a handle change.

Criteria for a valid handle change are:

If handle has a inappropriate meaning in another language
If handle is not a name (example: _avatar_ or Killer Raven)
If handle does not have a last name (example: Quaxo or Anti-Tarkin)
If handle does not start with a capital letter (example: falcon)
If handle is the players real life name (example: Alex Smith)
If handle is an improper name (contains titles, numbers or other abnormalities) (example: Lady Dyvel or Count Uebles)
If handle is canon

Handles aren't changed because you want to rejuvenate an old PC hun.



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Year 18 Day 161 14:16
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Year 18 Day 161 17:47
You will have to go through the entire recreation process if your handle does not meet any the outlined criteria. Naturally, you can put your skill points back anywhere you want them (except for any you gained on your current character).

Year 18 Day 161 19:24
Also, you cannot use the name of previous characters.