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Archives » A little help undestanding the market if you've time.
Hey guys, just need a tiny little bit of help understanding the markets. I've traded on the CMP website a bit but heard about those other ones..Yanno the ones where you have to go to a certain building on a planet, then hit the market button on your side bar? Yeah that one.

Well I've been at one for a while now and I've put bids on things, but I don't quite understand how it works. See I bid for a sandcrawler (thats how I roll), and as far as I could see no one else bid and I had the highest bid right til it ended, I actually managed to watch the last minute tick away and thought I'd won but it seems not. I can't imagine someone outbid me at the last second, but its possible I suppose.

I'm assuming that the text field with the numbers in it is the current heighest bid yes? And my current bid is shown in the bottom left?


That Market is a silent auction with the "minimum bid" shown. What you saw was likely the RMP value of the entity from the Rules Page, indicating the absolute minimum bid to place, and your bid as-placed. You won't know what anyone else bid on the same item. When the auction expires, whoever bid the highest gets ownership, unless they don't have the credits on hand, in which case it goes to the next highest bidder, and so on and so forth.

The other type shows a Sale, in which case it's a "pay this and you own it" listing (eg Nexu Tails.

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Ah okay thank you!

So there is no way to know the current winning bid, you just put in the maximum you're willing to pay?


Yes, exactly.

Okay got it! Thank you for your help! ♥