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Archives » Importance of Species in char creation?
Hello SWCombine!
How important is the selection of a race in character creation wrt game mechanics & theme? Reason for asking is I tend to be a perfectionist/min-maxer in MMO games.

I'm looking to play a production (starship) &/or research role (even if the game functionality is not implemented yet, having it available for the future when it is would be advantageous, I think?). I have looked through the races and while the preference would be to play human/near-human, the Herglic have a pretty good set of starting skills for this role.

Or am I misunderstanding the interaction between racial bonuses and allocation of starting skill points? I.e., I could make a human w/the same starting bonuses? I did read through the character creation guide, though I may be misunderstanding the mechanics involved.

Thank you in advance for your advice!

Best regards.

One thing to keep in mind is that the maximum level of any skill is 5. And even with a racial bonus in a given skill of 0, it is possible to start with that skill at 5 even with a level 1 character. So really, the racial bonus is not such a big deal.

If you're looking at min/maxing with your character, don't necessarily worry about having a racial bonus in the particular skill you are trying to max. If the racial bonus is in a skill of secondary importance to you, which you were going to put some skill points into anyway, then that's just as good. That's still skill points you didn't have to spend, which you can now spend on the skill you were wanting to max.

That is of course, if the both of the aforementioned skills are in the same skill category.

For example: If you wanted max capital ship piloting, but you also want some skills in fighter/freighter piloting, it doesn't matter if the racial bonus is in either skill, because it would take the same amount of skill points to get the former to level 5, and the latter to the desired level regardless.

On the other hand, if you wanted to max capital ship piloting, but the racial bonus was in stealth, that doesn't help as much. They're in different skill categories, so you can't just use the points from one category on another. However, you could then lower the priority of the category with the racial bonus, which allows you to spend more skill points in the category of the desired skill, so it's still useful as long as, again, the racial bonus is in a skill you want.

Not to mention, you could start with a skill at 4 for instance, and once you reach level 4 you'll already have enough SP to raise it to 5. And since you're talking about emphasizing skills which aren't necessarily implemented, you've got time to level up and flesh out your character some more before you'll ever even need those skills.

Since you're a min/maxer, you're probably also the XP farming/griding type. In that case, I'd put at least a couple levels in dexterity, and also maybe 2 in medical treatment. Ground combat is the fastest way to earn XP at the moment, but you only get XP for combat when you hit. Miss and you get nothing. Investing skill points in dexterity makes you more accurate with weapons (more so than the "actual" weapon skills I should add), which will pay dividends in that you will be able to level up more quickly, and rank up your other skills faster.

Why medical treatment too? You also get XP for healing. So earning maximum XP in combat involves essentially wanting to get shot, because you get 1XP for every 2HP you can heal. Shoot somebody, get XP. Get shot, get XP. Win-win.

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Races determine your force probability, your racial multiplier and skill bonuses. In case you did not know your race multiplier provides bonus health. Each skill point essentially equals one level since you receive one skill point each time your character level increases in-game. The Management skill is used for production and construction of nearly everything in the game.

Race Skill Bonuses
1 - 1 skill point
2 - 2 skill points
3 - 4 skill points

Skill Levels - How many skill points needed for each skill level.
1 - 1 skill point
2 - 2 skill points
3 - 4 skill points
4 - 7 skill points
5 - 11 skill points

At character creation you assign 5 skill categories which determine how many skill points you receive when creating your character.
1st - 14 skill points
2nd - 10 skill points
3rd - 8 skill points
4th - 6 skill points
5th - 4 skill points

When min-maxing you do not want to raise skills you have no interest in using. The first thing is to look at the skills you want to use; I suggest making a list. Then you want to check which skill categories these skills fall into. If the only skill in the Social category you want is Management then you want a race with a Management skill of 1 so that you can set the Social category to the 2nd or 4th importance slot in character creation as it would allow you to have a Management skill of 5 or 4 with no extra skill points in the category.

Essentially, add up all the skill points you will receive from your race in a specific category and assign a category importance slot that will give no or very few wasted skill points. If you want help then feel free to post or send a message detailing the skills you really want. If you want to farm for experience then you want a high Medical Treatment skill, a large supply of healing sticks, a Dexterity skill of 3 and attack an enemy that does a lot of damage. Every 30 minutes you heal and attack which should provide a total of 66 xp every 30 minutes with healing sticks.

To be honest you can hardly min-max in this game. Racial bonises get you max skill ranks,faster, but from level 0 it takes a whole 11 points. So a 3 at the start means you,can max it at level 7. Or install cybernetics. Think more about roleplay than minmaxing.

OP mentioned Starship Production and Research as desired roles.

Production is possible without any skills, but the related skill is Management, which is also useful for Constructing Buildings. Character Skills Rulespage contains more information about each Skill.

Research (R&D as it is known) is not implemented, but would likely use the R&D Skills within the Science group (IE You may want to prioritize Science). However, the last discussion on it from Selatos (Sim Master) indicated the R&D Skills would be used to research components/technology which could then be combined into new designs (Known as "Datacards" or "DCs") for Ships, Items, Etc. Practically-speaking, we don't know exactly how it would work - whether One character having some of all the skills would be more useful than one or two maxed skills, etc. - or even when it might be implemented (Likely after Space-Combat is fully implemented). Keep in mind, as Jevon said, that we have Cybernetics (See also: Cybernetic Operations) which can be used to modify your character's skills by increasing one or two skills and decreasing another. Since you cannot go below 0 in a skill, This allows you to potentially pick a Cybernetic which will increase e.g. an R&D skill at the expense of Projectile+Non-Projectile Weapons skills (Not a terrible idea if you're likely staying out of direct ground combat).

A warning about cybernetics: The procedure is risky, and can permanently maim your character if the procedure fails. I've run the math on the equations and, correct me if I am wrong, but even with a doctor with 5 medical treatment who has five assistants (the max), each also with 5 medical treatment, performing the prodecure on a planet with a 100% civilisation level (is that even possible?), you only have a 66.5% chance of success. The odds are 50/50 on a planet with 50% civ level, all else equal.

If the procedure fails, you have a 10% chance of a critical failure, which gives you a permanent -1 penalty in Strength, Crafting/Slicing, and Computer Operations.

Also keep in mind that if your chosen cybernetic boosts a skill by 2, then it is a waste to rank up that skill past 3 prior to performing the procedure.

100% Civ level is possible. There are medical factions out there using asteroids (1x1 planets) with wildlife preserves (20x20 facilities) with hospital stations in orbit (read: uses planet stats) for just this purpose. It's one of only a few reasons to own an asteroid.

Since i have lvl 5 medical treatment, could I get a job doing this?

you could, as thats one of the best uses for a Med 5 skill. Most medical factions would likely pay well for that skill.

Small correction, but 100% civ level is not possible. CL takes into account the unbuildable area around a city, so for an asteroid with a 20x20 the CL would be ((20*20) / (22^2)) or 82.645%, which is therefore the theoretical maximum.

So then, that gives you a 60.77% chance of success, under the most ideal possible conditions.