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Archives » Building ETA recalculation
Year 18 Day 193 5:58
I have been receiving multiple alerts like this for what seems to be days

The ETA for the building site of the Hotel CA-SouthGram Hotel 3, built by Florian Laiden, in city CA-SouthGram has been recalculated due to NPC worker (ID: 5919622) being removed.

From what I can tell, builders have not been removed. When I check the facilities that are alerting in the inventory, they all still have one builder assigned (as they did when they are started) and are still building.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?



Year 18 Day 193 9:16
This happens if one of the NPCs constructing it dies or is arrested.

If there are NPCs remaining, the time is recalculated, otherwise it is paused.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Year 18 Day 193 9:27
That is not what is happening. I own all the npc and none have been arrested. I check the facils and they are still building and still have 1 builder listed



Year 18 Day 193 10:30
There was bug like that before. If I remember it correctly, it does not really effect anything and it is just some glitch with that warning. Buildings should be constructed as scheduled.

Edited By: Joca de Jan on Year 18 Day 193 10:33
Year 18 Day 193 13:49
I also encountered with the same bug a month ago.


Year 18 Day 193 17:34
Cait> Year 17 Day 49, 15:42 The ETA for the building site of the Palace 4,2 Palace, built by Victor O`Cuinn, in city G4 4,2 has been recalculated due to NPC worker (ID: 5045203) being removed.
Cait> Is there even anyone in Gree that could have done this?
Tom[a]s> nobody with such privs
Cait> That's what I figured. Any ideas?
Cait> Should I go back?
Tom[a]s> no
Tom[a]s> all u/c palaces on G4 still show 10 assigned NPCs
Cait> So we got a bug?
* Tom[a]s shrugs 

I thought I bug based it, but apparently it was just this conversation from early Y17.


Year 18 Day 193 20:57
I raised it as a bug http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=4476 and pushed a fix for next sync.

An entity with the same ID (but something other than an NPC) as an NPC working on your construction job got deleted, causing the construction job to incorrectly be notified.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Year 18 Day 193 23:42
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
That a really old known bug. Glad to see a fix made.


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