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Archives » Heavy Weapons Implementation
Year 18 Day 194 20:02
Dahn Vassic

So most of the heavy weapons on the rules page have markers indicating that they are either partially or not at all implemented.

So what's not implemented about them yet? And do these weapons function in the same way as projectile weapons currently? Can they be used in the same way as one would use projectile weapons?


Year 18 Day 195 8:33
They used to function the same way as personal weapons, but it was changed a year or so back to prepare for facility-combat.

You still can use them against soft targets, but it's no longer advisable. They took a large damage nerf against anything other than facilities, Damage Types, and I thought their chance to hit took a big nerf as well, but I couldn't find mention of that on a quick glance.

Keep a stock if you wanna storm the castle someday, but if you're going to shoot creatures, droids, and sentients, stick to the personal weapons.


Year 18 Day 195 8:38
..and I thought their chance to hit took a big nerf as well, but I couldn't find mention of that on a quick glance. 

Hover your mouse over the Heavy Weapons skill in your profile you will see that they take a 75% miss penalty against droids and HP entities.

I went hunting with some NZ9118s and it took FOREVER. miss. miss. miss. miss. Switched to DLT-20a. Much better - and quicker.


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Year 18 Day 207 6:25
Correct me if I'm wrong -- and I have been once already this year -- but aren't Heavy Weapons usable against facilities on Derra and Serroco? I know they were last year, but haven't tested them this year yet.