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Archives » Easier way to find the Rules?
Year 18 Day 194 21:58
There was a time when players were found to be breaking the rules by different Asims there would "consistently" be differing levels of punishment. This ended up being enough of a problem for the community that creating a "standard" to enforce the rules by (regardless of the revolving door of Asims) was actually a topic brought into the Dev meetings by one of the attending Asims.

Back in 2012, a sim news regarding "the rules" and relating punishments was put up by Arete

At the bottom of that article there was mention of an "updated list" going to make its way to the rules page at some point, but I don't remember it ever happening. The only set of rules I've been able to find (without search/forum digging via keywords) is the "spying rules" subset in our Communications section. Is my eyesight that poor (or mayhap I just need to clear my browser cookies?) or is this not actually listed?

If it isn't listed (for lack of someone remembering or finding time) then I'll move my ramblings on the matter to the "Suggestions" forum after perusing its depths to see if anyone else has tried.

If it is intentionally not listed.....why exactly?

Year 18 Day 197 0:10
I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for. The rules themselves are linked at the top of the site. The punishment ladder is technically nonexistent because it varies based on too many factors (e.g. two first-time multi offenses are not necessarily equal, because one person may have created a second account mistakenly thinking the old one was deleted, and another person may have deliberately created 4 multis to keep their faction afloat, and these situations are handled differently). The full listing of infractions that can lead to a ban is also impossible to detail because 90% of the non-multi infractions just fall under "use features in the spirit they are intended" and people persistently find creative and unpredictable new ways to abuse features. Arete's post is obsolete, if that's what you want added to the rules.



Year 18 Day 197 14:53
I was looking for a semi-cohesive list of potential offenses, or perhaps a single page that might list examples of actions/behavior. I understand that a lot of them would fall under our rendition of the "golden rule" (i.e. - CP abuse, bug exploiting, etc) but there are also others which are detailed only in specific subsections (i.e. - assets/permadeath, registering a multi, etc.) that we have occasionally added onto over the years.

Arete's post being considered obsolete on the matter would explain why such a page never got created, thank you for clarifying that. The "rules" page has always been more of a directory for information rather than its namesake.