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Hello all,

I recently have decided to tidy up my assets as I have a lot of droids and NPCs and speeders that people left on some of my ships or were there when I bought them. I was planning on depositing all of these things in one location to make it easy for people to come and collect however I can't exactly remember the process to move stuff that doesn't belong to you?

Do I need restraining bolts for droids/ cuffs for the NPCs or is there a way I can do it without all that? Lots are onboard a C3 Passenger Liner that can't land if that makes a difference!

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Raidan Spike

NPCs and unpackaged droids will need to be assigned to you before you can move them without arresting/restraining. Packaged droids and items can be moved like any other item at your location using the drop-down menu.

If you would like to help the owners out and they are active, you could ask them to assign their droids/NPCs to you so you can give them orders. If the owners are not active/will not assign you, you will need to get arrest privs and arrest the NPCs to be able to move them. The NPCs on the C-3 can be arrested anywhere as it is a capital ship belonging to you. For freighters/other entities, you will need to go to deep space or locations where your A/E faction has permission. Arresting NPCs does not require any item like stun cuffs. For the droids, you can take the ship to Derra or Serroco, disable the droids onboard with an ionization weapon and apply a restraining bolt which will transfer ownership of the droid to you. The bolt is consumed upon use.

The speeders can be moved into other ships you have access to which have hangar bays from the cockpit -> vehicles menu. You can then land the second ship on the ground on some planet and unload the speeders from the same cockpit menu.

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Thank you so much for the swift and informative reply - that is extremely helpful!!

I'll DM the owners now and look into the rest!

Thanks :)

Capital ship must be owned by faction, not you, to be considered A/E territory.

Raidan Spike

Good pickup, thanks Lexor. So like any other ship, it needs to be in the territory of the faction giving the A/E privs to allow arrests to be made.

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I was just having a similar problem.

I have 4 Droids and a bunch of items on the ship I bought and also a person who last login was Year 15 Day 95. So I will try contacting the people about the droids and the items. But how do I get rid of a person and also some of the items say Owner: NPC Market? So I don't know where to put those things and also a Cargo Container that has a Key card but doesn't say who owns it.

Raidan Spike

To get rid of the person, get A/E privs from your faction or join one that will provide them for you. Use stun cuffs or binders to arrest the player and move them off your ship. Alternatively, if you don't have high enough skills, hire someone to do the arrest for you.

Items can be moved off you ship in the same way any item can be moved.. use the drop down menu to move them to the entrance/exit and then again to load/unload the items. Items owned by the NPC market are for auction on the NPC market: link. You can purchase them yourself there if you wish. If you don't want any of the items, you can dump them anywhere you please or throw them in a pod and recycle them etc.


For items you could also sell them to a NPC Shop; the item is deleted, you get credits and you do not need ownership of the item to sell to a NPC Shop. Fairly sure it works on items owned by the NPC Market though not sure if it was decided if it was acceptable or not to do so.

Arc, if your ship can land, you could also just kick the person and droids off the ship when you're on the ground. There will be a button on the Room Travel map when you're standing in the cockpit.

DMs sent out but lots are inactive.

Does anyone know of any mercenary/pirate groups that accepts temporary members and grants arrest privileges (I don't mind paying for it if none do it for free)?

I was recently able to kick out droids owned by someone else off a ship by standing in the cockpit - not the cockpit screen. It might bypass the need to arreat them assuming you can,land.

Raidan Spike

As Mouse said, C-3s can't land. And as far as I am aware, one can't use the kick passenger option to move droids/NPC/characters onto other entities in space/atmosphere.


I missed the ship type, my bad.