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Year 18 Day 218 3:50
How does one take a system and claim it as their own? (Via faction takeover)
Is there a way to forcefully take over a controlled planet?
Can blockades keep ships from leaving?

Are there RoE's (Rules of Engagement) before starting a takeover of a planet/system?

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Year 18 Day 218 5:03
Planets can currently only be taken over via population control. If your faction controls the majority of the minimum population required, you control the planet, If someone manages to build more population facilities than you, they will take control of the planet. Usually this requires a lot of planning & finding a way to be allowed to build facilities. If the planet is currently uninhabited, you just have to build enough facilities to take control before someone else does.

Currently, there are no "forceful" (AKA combat/fighting via weapons) methods of taking over a planet. Theres also no way to keep someone from leaving a planet.

Shield grids can keep people from getting to the surface, but not keep them on the ground.

And no, since there is no real combat, there are no RoEs on taking over planets/systems. And if the ability was there, I doubt most groups would agree on RoEs before fighting.

Year 18 Day 218 15:19
so there is no way of me going and bombing a hotel or habitat to thin out opposing population?

Year 18 Day 218 16:17
Not currently. Combat vs. facilities is currently in beta testing in the 2 combat testing systems, Derra and Serroco.

Year 18 Day 218 18:52
Ah!?.. so all ground combat are on those planets?
And does that include ship-to-ship combat?

Year 18 Day 218 19:08
The following types of combat are available on any world:
- Players (and their parties) vs. Bandit NPCs
- Players (and their parties) vs. Creatures

The following types of combat are available in Deep Space Asteroid Fields:
- Player ships (and their squadrons) vs. Bandit Fighters and Corvettes

The following types of combat are only available on Derra and Serroco (in addition to the ground combat listed first, above):
- Players (and their parties) vs. other Players (and their parties)
- Players (and their parties) vs. Player-created Squads
- Player-created Squads vs. Player-created Squads
- Players (and their parties) vs. NPC-Owned Facilities

Entity vs. Entity (Ships, Vehicles, Facilities vs. Ships, Vehicles, Facilities) is not currently implemented anywhere.

Year 18 Day 218 21:21
ō-ō I came to the right place to ask then..
but how could I grind my level up fast (relatively)
Should I just hunt bandits for a while and just become in my perspective OP?
And does research really work that well if someone was to do R/D? If so what are some tips and requirements before doing/planning on a research

Year 18 Day 218 22:17
R&D isn't currently implemented. Combat vs bandits and creatures is generally considered the most efficient method of EXP gain.


Year 18 Day 218 22:43
Hmm? Okay

Year 18 Day 218 23:58
How does one come up with a custom ship?.. like the providence-class dreadnought ?
I haven't seen one but I would like it to be a thing..

Year 18 Day 219 3:11
Wait however long it takes for R&D to be released, then spend months or years using the R&D system to make the ship you want.
Finally once you've got the DC from R&D assign it to a shipyard, get RMs and produce it.

Year 18 Day 219 9:50
So, basically, you can't until R&D comes out (no current timeframe as far as I'm aware).


Year 18 Day 219 16:34
But can I buy a ship via supporting the game

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Year 18 Day 219 23:51
You can buy whatever CP ships are available to you that you have sufficient quantity CPs for at the time of your support, and you can get however many CPs from said support on the basis of 1000 CPs per 1 US Dollar.

Year 18 Day 220 5:23

These are the current CP ships. You can donate to the game to receive CPs and then purchase these ships with the CPs.

Year 18 Day 221 21:00
idk if this ship is in game and i think i should put it in the suggestion box.. but the providence class dreadnaught from revenge of the sith where grievous raided coruscant but i would support the game if i could receive this after respawn

Year 18 Day 222 10:12
Yeah... theres no way that would ever be a CP ship. Thats an R&D ship 100%