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Archives » Are Lost Souls level-capped?
Year 18 Day 227 13:53
I was just wondering, since I can't find the rules page for it, what happens when a player character of level 11 or higher is dropped? Is the resulting NPC cut down to size level-wise? And what happens to their (un)used skillpoints?


Year 18 Day 227 14:09
Far as I know, yeah. They are downgraded to level 10, and are given the normal skills of a Resident.

Year 18 Day 227 14:37
Jic Uiji

No, they keep their level.


Jic Uiji

jic uili, intergalactic hutt crime lord
Year 18 Day 227 15:02
...all life is a lie...

Year 18 Day 227 15:10
I have a level 12 lost soul

Year 18 Day 227 15:17
Out of curiosity, do your Lost Souls also have Resident stats, or is that also just me?

Year 18 Day 227 15:22
My lost soul is an official Knights of the Fountain citizen.

He is not an illegal alien.

Year 18 Day 227 16:38
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Lost souls keep their level at drop, but they lose their stats and are given the appropriate skill points. Their stats are instead replaced by a generic "lost soul" template that isn't listed on the NPC page. If a lost soul is under level 10, they will stop leveling up at 10. I do believe any lost soul above level 10 won't be able to level at all.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 18 Day 227 16:39

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Year 18 Day 235 16:15
You can check and see if any NPC will level further by simply looking at the exp totals in the NPC Inventory page.

NPCs that can still level will show their current exp totals and a bar (directl below their health bar) showing how much further they need to go for their next level. Capped NPCs will show their exp bar as completely filled, with nowhere to go from there.

And yes, they do keep their levels when their character was dropped. The also keep any custom avatar assigned to them as well.

And if you're curious, no, the LS skill point template isn't at all good for combat. You're far better off buying standard combat NPCs and leveling them up. Lost Souls real value are more for their RP potential and bragging rights.

And in Simkins' case, I don't even want to guess what possessed him to spend 300 million for Henryetta Rico! (0_o)



Year 18 Day 235 16:44
Lucmark Warren

Exception would be a really high level character, on that case, would be really strong as combat npc. If Syn ever get bored of combine, i´d love to have that body(yes, it sounds weird, and wrong in many levels, now that i read it myself). XD

Year 18 Day 235 23:34



Year 18 Day 237 19:07
Simkin Dragoneel

Not sure why the question is going on but it was answered already. If a dropped character was over 10 they remain their level. If they were below they can only get up to 10.

While it is slightly creepy that people are following my every move for some reason, Rico is not a lost soul. They are still a player that is currently banned. I spent the paltry sum to make sure that she is put down like the PoS she is and not released by one of you people.


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Year 18 Day 237 21:17
It wasn't going on... you revived it two days after the last set of posts so you could re-answer it a fourth time.



Year 18 Day 238 6:37
Shh, no, we have to let him be annoyed and disgraced by his fellow SWC players, you know that's his thing.