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Archives » How to tell which place is faction HQ?
Jic Uiji

I have several possible facilities and stations that could be the faction HQ, how do I tell which one it is?


Jic Uiji

jic uili, intergalactic hutt crime lord
Exanthium Kerensky

tag it


Exanthium, that doesnt tell him which facility his HQ is.

Jic, what type fo faction are you? You should have a fairly unique facility that is your HQ.

Raidan Spike

He's leader of The Exchange, so mercs.

Jic, your HQ will be a Command Centre type facility. If you have enough members, you can have any number of them. They all function as HQs.

I don't know about the stations, but I thought they didn't allow them to be used as HQs anymore.

Rules about HQs: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Factions#Special_Faction_HQs

Command Centre: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?7x7&ID=59

Edited By: Raidan Spike on Year 18 Day 231 0:09

Jic Uiji

I was under the impression that faction specific ones were optional and like a one off DC, is this not the case?


Jic Uiji

jic uili, intergalactic hutt crime lord
Whatever facility you picked for your HQ, it would change into the command center. No optional, it happens.

Simkin Dragoneel

Filter the facils, look for "Command Centre".

If there is nothing there, then filter your stations looking for "Merchant Space Dock".

MSD's work as of about a yearish ago when they were completely fixed. If the faction had recycled their original HQ it could be that.

Raiden already linked the relevant rules sections.


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If you had multiple HQs at any point and don't now, there's no way to tell unless you get a new character to join and ask them what their starting location options are.

Maybe someday it will be made more user friendly. It's pretty annoying.