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Year 18 Day 240 19:01
Sylvin Macflint

First off I apologize if this is an inappropriate query, or the wrong area for it's posting..

Will the 'current' SvS combat be expanded to include different classes of ships?

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Year 18 Day 241 11:15
Not for the foreseeable future

Year 18 Day 241 19:26
Sylvin Macflint

I kinda thought that may be the case, with asteroid fields being a key feature now, but thanks for confirming Mikel..
Be well..

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 18 Day 242 15:36
Year 18 Day 242 11:18
It's one of the possible methods we are considering for full space combat, but there are issues with using this method with larger ships. So we may do something else for larger ships or we may scrap this method and use whatever method works for larger ships for smaller ships as well.

Year 18 Day 243 10:56
Sylvin Macflint

Adding the gunboats to the current scenarios made for an interesting twist,
thanks again, Mikel, well done..