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Year 18 Day 241 19:39
Fooj Iwajo

I had a discussion with some people a few days ago about the calculations for dying by aborting hyperspace, and we discovered we had different interpretations of the rules. My understanding of them was that you roll against the hyperspace death equation to see if you are instantly killed, and after that you get randomly placed into the sublight square you were traveling over (possibly dying if you happen to land on a sun or black hole). The other interpretation was that your random roll determines whether you are allowed to land on a sun or black hole when you are placed within the system. Which of us was correct (or were we both wrong)?

Year 18 Day 242 4:40
I just looked at the rules page, here: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Movement#Aborting
and I don't think any of those equations are implemented. There is no skill check and there is no chance to destroy based on skill checks.

The way it is implemented at the moment is:
- Whenever you abort hyperspace, you are put into a system along your path.
- You are put at a random subspace location.
- If there is a planet or sun there, you take damage/destroy if you happen to land on it.

Looking at that rule, if it were implemented, the roll would be done first, and if the roll succeeds, you would be placed on a sun/planet/comet. If it fails, you would be placed on a safe square.

I don't know who wrote that rule or if there are any plans for it to be implemented.

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Year 18 Day 242 19:08
Fooj Iwajo

Thanks for the answer.

Also, you mentioned taking damage/being destroyed if you land on planets or suns. Is being dropped on a planet the same as being dropped on a sun? I always assumed since you don't get damaged normally by being over a planet, you wouldn't be damaged if you abort hyper onto a planet.

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