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Year 18 Day 242 4:16
using GRZ-6B Wrecker (Heavy Freighter)
recylced a garage-- repair skill 2
--- no rm's returned
----do i need to put a npc recycler in the ship ( passengers 2)
-- or is this a bug
---------------please help
THANKs in advance


first hug is free after that it is your problem.
Year 18 Day 242 5:04
No RMs returned...

Is the wrecker already full? WHo owned the entity at the time of recycling?

Year 18 Day 242 6:06
Blot Hlidskjalf


From the Rules
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4.2/ Where do the Materials go?
Raw Materials from the recycling is stored in the recycling entity. Any excess materials that can not fit into the recycling entity is lost. Materials returned are prioritized based on rarity.

While the GRZ-6B Wrecker maybe smaller than the EVS Construction Droid, it can fit only a minute amount of materials inside, resulting in the remaining materials being lost.

Therefore, the player must decide between speed and return when recycling large numbers of facilities.

When recycling Stations and ships, Materials recycled from a station are placed into storage containers that are created when the entity is completely recycled.

Since a GRZ only takes 5 tons of raw material and a garage construction does not include Rudic or Tibannagas, all RM are lost.
If you want RMs from buildings, you need an EVS to do recycling.

Edited By: Blot Hlidskjalf on Year 18 Day 242 6:09
Year 18 Day 242 7:46
Ric`zix Xichiz

I was under the impression that if you had another container (a Bulk, Hangar, or Silo) either owned or managed by the recycling faction that the RMs would be transferred to that container (Its been years since I did recycling, but I guarantee there was a way to get the full return using a Wrecker- Maybe it changed.).

The Wrecker itself, however, isn't big enough to hold anything worthwhile.

Year 18 Day 242 7:52
Blot Hlidskjalf

If you abort the construction of a facility, you can choose a ship to load the RMs, which returns from the abortion.