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Year 18 Day 248 15:29
My max Hp dropped from 49 to 39 and I don't know if it was from combat or because I leveled up. I don't know if it was a glitch or what but Im looking for a hospital to see if it can be fixed. Or if anyone has had this problem before?


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Year 18 Day 248 15:48
Your max HP is recalculated at level up. If you had a race change or perhaps had a cyber installed that affected strength, it could affect your hp total.

Year 18 Day 248 16:03
....I didn't even know it was possible to have so little health.

Year 18 Day 248 19:20
he is a pigeon after all

Year 18 Day 248 20:56
lool good one


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Year 18 Day 248 22:02
Venari Haliat

What if he had both a race change AND a cyber installed? Killed two birds with one stone. Or in your case, cough.


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Year 18 Day 249 6:02
I didn't do a race change nor installed any parts to my body


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Year 18 Day 249 6:13
So health 49 as a Human means you had strength 1, at level 1.
At level 2, the only way for you to have 39 Health is if you now have Strength 0. That typically happens as a result of the newbie one-time skill reset.

Check your stats, and if you have Strength >= 1 and no Cyber installed, go make a Support ticket so an ASIM can review.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 18 Day 249 6:13