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Year 18 Day 291 17:36
Ric`zix Xichiz

So I was lucky enough to find myself a new toy. Which led to some questions when I decided to use it on myself.

Reveal sensitivity-
Does that tell the target the results, "activate" the Force (if another process), or both?

Can I use it on anyone at my location (including arrested players), or do I need to be partied with them?

I understand the changes in FS% per level. But would it be beneficial to wait until the level before a "reroll" to use it? (Since level is tied to Facet Points)

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Year 18 Day 291 19:16
Teling the target the results is the same as "activating" the Force (if they are FS). Basically you are revealing it to them.

Unless something has changed, you shouldn't need to be partied to use the item on another player; they just need to be at your position.

It makes no difference when you use it. Your facets are determined at the level you become FS in game, even if you are not aware of it. If you became FS at level 1 but didn't test until level 6, you still have the level 1 facets (although facets are going away anyway so it really won't make a difference).



Year 18 Day 291 22:04
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