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Archives » Hyper screen missing certain sectors
Drako Kelinian

Not sure if any one else is having this problem ,but when I go to the travel -hyper screen some of the sectors are not showing up like Centrality for one .Just was wondering if it was a DB problem or my browser . I do use firefox and just updated the browser like a week ago . Thanks

Edited By: Drako Kelinian on Year 7 Day 167 16:53
Hexx Harpy

Same has been happening to me for a few days now.


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Cypher Diaz

i'm missing a lot of them as well.

ussually using the latest version of firefox, same problem i beleive with a dated IE too.

Drako Kelinian

Should i post this in bug forum cause havent heard from a admin about this issue yet ?
Even though its not a big issue you can still click where the sectors should be and get a map but to a new player they wouldnt know that its there unless looked over the maps on rules . I will give it one more day and then post in bug forums.

Hexx Harpy

Do it, England.
(Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 3)


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Bryce Armadala

certain, not serton...

Drako Kelinian

Thank you Bryce Armadala ;)