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Archives » Income Facilities Build on Water and Sustainable Business Restrictions
Ban Rishchakh

Usually, the SBR takes into consideration all cities on a planet. However, water cities are different. My question is, when it comes to income facilities built on water, how is sustainable business restriction levied? Is it across all water cities or all cities?


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However, water cities are different. 

Where and how did you get this idea? SBR works across all "cities" on a planet regardless of what the underlying terrain is.

Ban Rishchakh

Well, i thought that because ... The buildings are water exclusive, docks and what was it. If it works across cities, why not ... Fill the whole city with facilities. Unless the restriction is one per ten cities ... Or something. But you won't tell me that.


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Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

But you won't tell me that.  

You have two options to figure out the MNSF. Ask other players or try to test it if you have the ability to.

MSNF is something the asims and dev team have not released to the public.


Ban Rishchakh

It just struck me as curious that ... since the facilities are water restricted, if you have a single water on a 9x9 planet filled with cities, you can still, depending on the MNSF, build it all up in that line of thinking. It feels as a bit of an oversight, since you have just a single water square.

On the other hand, if you have MNSF of 1, or as much as it would be balanced, per water city, that would be more reasonable, wouldn't it? Unless the MNSF is ... some number like 0.1, which wouldn't be fair to a planet that's all water compared to a planet that's just one water. I think.


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SO I am confused. Why does a city being on water change anything apart from the ability to build a dock? Are you wondering how many docks you can build per planet based on MNSF & FI?

He thinks that dry docks can only be built in cities on water terrain.

The buildings are water exclusive, docks and what was it.
since the facilities are water restricted

- Ban Rishchakh

They aren't. You can build a dry dock in a city located on any terrain.


Ban Rishchakh

Wow, that's a big revelation for me. I've really always thought that you could build those two types of facilities on water terrain only. Well, good that I started this topic, I would have never known.



Unlimited Power Ltd. - "Energy for Every Being"