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Archives » NPC Starports and docked entities
Year 18 Day 300 19:30
Ric`zix Xichiz

I've been rolling around Starports more often these days, and a couple of questions arise-

1) Ships and vehicles owned by the NPC Market, but are docked inside an NPC Starport (and may not be just Starports, but it's the only example I've seen so far) are not actually making it to the market itself. I wasn't sure if this was a "bug" or just something that was overlooked.

2) In one Starport, I saw a fairly large group of fighters (1 squad+) and was wondering- Is using an NPC Starport as a "staging area" considered a fair move? Considering many NPC Starports (located on Homeworlds) are under shields and owned by non-Darkness/Quests factions, will there be a change to how a "defensive buildup" inside an non target-able entity (NPC Starport) is allowed?

Since the CP exchange kicks ships/vehicles outside the Starport to begin with, I see no reason why people would need to be allowed to dock inside an NPC entity at all.

Year 18 Day 301 2:08
Regarding assets owned by "Market" that aren't available for purchase, this is probably due to a bug. Having a market listing and owned by market aren't the same thing.

The market owner is where assets are moved when a faction/character owner dies and no succession rules apply, however I have seen a few bugs where an asset can be transferred to the market owner but not have a listing made.

I don't know if there are any plans to retroactively make listings for these orphaned market assets.

Regarding assets inside NPC starports, open to suggestions. Maybe just a job that kicks out assets that have been docked in NPC starports on a regular basis. Also, if this is an issue, you could privately contact an asim to deal with it on a case by case basis.


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Year 18 Day 301 6:00
Personally, I dock ships and vehicles in NPC Starports on Darkness-owned homeworlds that I spend a lot of time on. The reason is so that they are easily accessible without potentially slowing down loading times for new players that are trying to move around the city. The other reason is that it makes it much easier for me to give a ship to new players with little to no travel time required for them to reach it.

Honestly, what is the difference between docking a large amount of ships inside a NPC Starport and placing them outside the NPC Starport?

Year 18 Day 301 6:50
Ichiru Hanabusa

Honestly, what is the difference between docking a large amount of ships inside a NPC Starport and placing them outside the NPC Starport?

i think NPC startports etc are going to be immune from combat so if you dock inside nothing can shoot you

Edited By: Ichiru Hanabusa on Year 18 Day 301 6:50