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Archives » How to board a power generator?
Year 18 Day 305 5:30
After clicking Board, I can see all facilities adjacent to my location except the adjacent power generator. Is there any special for boarding power generator? Thanks.

Year 18 Day 305 5:55
Blot Hlidskjalf

Same as for every other facility.
Has to be assigned as pilot and/or commander, if foreign or faction owned.
If faction-owned, crew list and priv for usage of command room would be enough.

Year 18 Day 305 9:32
I am the operator of the adjacent power generator, but it doesn't appear in the listed facilities available to board.

EDIT: Sorry for not mentioning about that at the first time.

Edited By: Ranwynhourne Charlette on Year 18 Day 305 9:37
Year 18 Day 305 10:09
If you're sure you're adjacent to the power generator (and not trying to board it from a facility) you can open a support ticket with the facility's ID number so the asims can check to make sure it doesn't have a corrupt location in the database.