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Year 18 Day 320 12:31
I have several NPC stowaways that do not work for me. I can't see n obvious way to move them and remove them from my ship.

Any ideas?

Year 18 Day 320 12:43
Fly them to space in which you can get permission to arrest them. Then arrest them all. Once arrested, you can move them.

Year 18 Day 320 12:43
Put even more NPC in your ship until its full. Then, when trying to enter this full ship you will be given the option to kick one NPC. The kicked NPC is random. Do that until you kicked all unwanted NPC.

Year 18 Day 320 13:33
No, do NOT do that.

That is expressly against the purpose of the Kick Passenger function.

The main difference is that this auto-kick-passenger feature allows 'adjacent' kicking, while the Kick Passenger function only allows you to kick passengers out into the container your ship is in (e.g. a planet, or a ship you're docked in). If you're not on a cap and can land, just go use the regular Kick Passenger function by flying to a non-hostile-atmo planet and Kick Passenger onto the terrain.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 18 Day 320 13:36
Year 18 Day 320 13:42
This relates to moving players not NPCs.

Year 18 Day 320 14:10
Not just PCs. Golden Rule.

Couple things:
- That feature is not intended to let you kick anything onto adjacent entities, it's intended to let you get access to an entity you have rights to access (pilot, etc.) when it's full of other passengers. It resolves an otherwise unresolveable situation of someone getting crewlist once and filling your entities with passengers that you cannot eject or board to arrest in order to eject. That is, it's Necessary cause there's literally no other way to get on board an entity you own if it is full.
- The SimNews clarifies that Loading an entity for the purpose of kicking out a PC using the Kick Passenger function is expressly an exploit. Interpreting that as "it's not an exploit to do it to NPCs" is sophism.

Whether people would get Detected for doing it, or punished as severely as if done against a PC is not likely. That doesn't make it good advice to give or take.

Year 18 Day 320 14:15
Maybe add that to the SIM text to make it clear.