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Year 18 Day 322 9:58
Dan Hakim

I started production on some BN-D0 droids and I've been given XP upon the completion of retooling/start of production. I've never had XP for this in the past (XP only coming at the end of production), is this a bug or something new?


Year 18 Day 322 10:27
Bug. Please report with full details.

Year 18 Day 322 22:14
Dan Hakim

After looking more closely to get the info for the bug report I now realise it's something else that's happening, the droids do not appear at all. 3 times production has completed and each time has resulted in no droid produced but still awarding XP.

Bug report made.

Edited By: Dan Hakim on Year 18 Day 322 22:14

Year 18 Day 322 23:42
Note that some changes were made to production last sync... the droids will appear in the inventory of the owner of the factory now. I'm not sure if that is the reason for this specific situation, but if your factories are owned by someone else and are being rented by you, that may explain the whereabouts of the droids. This change is slated to be changed because it is causing logistical issues for many small producers.

If that is not the situation and the factories are owned by the entity whose inventory you were checking for them, that does sound like a bug.

Edited By: Syn on Year 18 Day 322 23:42


Year 18 Day 323 4:31
Dan Hakim

It's not a bug, on closer inspection I realised what was happening. Having not made droids before, I never realised that they come out as cargo crates rather than finished droids, I have since found them in the faction inventory under items not droids, which is a little confusing.