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Archives » Frigate Volume/Weight Capacity Irregularities
Ban Rishchakh

Reviewing volume/weight capacities for Frigates, I stumbled upon some irregularities. For example, a ship like the Corona-class Frigate has 170,000 volume capacity, while Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser is two times smaller but has 600,000 volume capacity. At the same time, the Neutron-class Bulk Cruiser is even bigger than the Corona-class Frigate but has 1000 weight (compared to 17000) and 17000 volume (compared to 170,000). That is a very great difference.

My question is, are these stats going to get revised and is there some general direction towards which the stats would shift (either towards the smaller or bigger numbers?)

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This actually maybe pointless to ask since fighters weight/volume is also on the table.
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I trust you'll find the right balance, not to worry about it.

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Blot Hlidskjalf

A Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank has a weight of ~ 63 tons and can load few hundred kg.
A Mercedes-Benz Actros truck weights (depending on model) between 8 and 33 tons and has a cargoload of 8000 kg. The volume of the heavier battle tank is even less compared to the truck.

Next compare the weight, volume and freightload of different planes, helicopters and airships.
Recognizing something interesting?

Ban Rishchakh

I know that different ships may be designed for different purposes but it didn't seem very balanced as i couldn't find the trade off.

What's interesting about it? Is it that lighter planes have bigger capacities?

Well, I may have been off about it. Are these stats going to change then?

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While the quasar has a higher volume its weight cap is abyssmal, limiting its storage potential.

Ship stats will be reviewed closer to combat.