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Archives » the Zeta-class shuttle might be wrong ?
hello yall,

first , the zeta class shuttle was never represented in any movies or canon , so we could not know how it would look like...

but from recently, it seems the zeta class was inside Rogue One, its actually that one:

500?<br />

obviously the swcombine's one wasnt made to reflect this one...

do that mean you will look to change it, or youll keep it as it is ?

Two different ships, Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle in legends vs the Zeta-class cargo shuttle in new canon.

Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Clarr is indeed correct. They are 2 different ships in canon. Generally speaking, we (the art team) tend to take artist liberties with entities in canon that lack a visual depiction when we create the images. If the entity type gets an official design, there's a chance that we might remake it, but honestly we'd rather redo ships that we don't have our own official images for yet over redoing ships we've already created images for.


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Kyran Caelius

It may be worth noting that the two 'different' ships are two sides of the same coin on Wookieepedia. That is, one is the 'canon' link and one is the 'legends' link, which usually indicates they are meant to represent the same or similar entity.


okay then anyways..

Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Either way, Kyran, entities we've already created images for that get new Canon images are very low/not on the priorities list.


TriNebulon News: Y18 D30 - ???
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