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Year 19 Day 77 6:19
Being an utter noob here I have a bunch of questions regarding the purchasing of items.

1, I want to buy a droid. Under the NR purchasing area they list the prices for droids under the IA banner. Now say I want to buy an R3 They show a bunch of prices namely: external price 140,000 external datacard price 70,000. I am guessing that I pay the external price as I don't have a data card?

2, Batches? as I only need 1 do I have to buy 2 as that is the batch qty?

3, delivery? Where can I get it delivered as I have no fixed home?

Are there other places I can buy from?


Year 19 Day 77 7:55
I suggest you join a faction if you haven't already.

1/ The datacard price would be if you wanted to build it yourself in a factory. You probably don't want that, so you would look at the other price.

2/ When produced they are produced by batchsize, whether the NR will sell you just one is up to them. Usually they come in a crate which contains batchsize amount of droids, but they can be unpacked.

3/ I suggest you join a faction, they will likely assign you a ship to use. Droids can exist on ships assuming they have passenger capacity. It is unlikely the NR will deliver just a single droid, usually such small sales you would need to go pick it up from wherever it is.

Extra/ If you are on a race homeworld, you can also buy K4 droids from the NPC shops in the starter cities.

Extra/ Also look out for trading on external websites: http://dot.swc-tf.com/ and http://market.centrepointstation.com/ (rip)

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