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Year 19 Day 84 11:36
There are Some droids in the combine Exchange that I would love to buy, however they are not implemented yet. I have 3 questions.
1. Can I buy them anyway?
2. If So, do they have use?
3. When Will they be properly implemented?

Year 19 Day 84 12:22
1. Yes- anything in the CP exchange is purchasable

2. Most droids in this game have little to no use. The choon-tan can be used for cbernetic operations, and the astromech can function as a pilot droid. otherwise, the rest have no current ingame use.

3. No set target date, droids get implemented as they are needed.

Year 19 Day 84 12:29
Year 19 Day 84 15:00
Droids with weapons can be used for combat where implemented, is a large function Jevon overlooked. :P

Year 19 Day 85 2:58
Raidan Spike

Probably worth adding there are plenty of non-CP droids that DO have uses if you are interested... Any medical droid can be used to assist cybernetic operations, the 2-1B is the best.

LIN miner droids increase the chance of successfully finding new vein of minerals and decrease the chance of a mine collapse.

TT-8L Sentry droids can be deployed in rooms and inform their commander of anyone who moves through the room.

Any droid with scanners can be used as a remote sensor to increase vision range.

Edited By: Raidan Spike on Year 19 Day 85 3:06

Year 19 Day 85 10:53
Scanners on droids do nothing. They use perception for vision.